Medical Imaging

Many times, the first step in addressing a medical condition is finding the precise location of the problem. The team of board-certified and fellowship-trained radiologists at Havasu Regional Medical Center uses state-of-the-art technology to provide highly detailed images of the human body for a more effective diagnosis and treatment. For more information on medical imaging procedures and how to prepare for these procedures, please visit

Our services include:

  • Ultrasound--Acuson S3000 Ultrasound System
    • ARFI imaging technology for quantative evaluation of tissue stiffness properties
    • Applications:  Liver, breast, thyroid and abdominal
  • Cardiac/Vascular Catheterization
  • Radiography/Fluoroscopy
  • CT (computed tomography)
    • GE VCT 64 Slice
    • GE Discovery Optima 660 - ASIR technology (reduces radiation dose)
    • GE Discovery CT 590 with Radiation Therapy Simulation - ASIR technology (reduces radiation dose)
  • Fuji/Synapse PACS (Picture Archiving & Communication System)
  • Echocardioraphy 
  • Hologic Digital Mammography  
  • GE MRI (magnetic resonance imaging)— 16-channel Signa HDxt 1.5 Tesla 
  • Nuclear Medicine—GE Infinia with Cardiac Hawkeye Package 
  • Interventional Radiology Click here to view brochure
  • The Outpatient Diagnostic Center, located at 1840 Mesquite Avenue, Suite D and F - providing x-ray, nuclear medicine, PET/CT (GE Discovery IQ - ASIR technology reduces radiation dose) and MRI studies in a convenient outpatient location