A Message from the CNO

A Message from the CNO

May 6, 2021

As we celebrate Nurse’s Week and Nurses Day, I want to thank all HRMC nurses for your service and relentless efforts this past year and every day that you enter the doors of our hospital. The nursing profession has long been charged with the noble, awe-inspiring, messy, and exhausting work of caring for the sick and suffering. Nurses have the enormous privilege of carrying the burden of preserving human dignity amid uncertainty. Together with their colleagues and exceptional care teams, nurses meet and care for people when they are at their most fragile – bringing hope to what, in some cases, may be the worst day of their lives. The care and compassion of nurses is as important as the medicines you administer.  Please take a moment to reflect on how your support toward a patient’s recovery makes a difference!  

During this week I would also like to remind everyone that we have many nurses who have chosen to be recognized as having specialized knowledge, skills, and experience in their field through certification. These nurses are life-long learners.   Certification is a mark of distinction that validates specialty knowledge and competency that builds an environment of professionalism that HRMC is striving to achieve.  Beyond our requirements for life saving actions such as BLS, ACLS, PALS, and NRP, your colleagues have obtained certifications in critical care nursing, trauma nursing, cardiac medicine and cardiac surgery nursing, stroke nursing, oncology nursing and chemotherapy administration, childbirth and lactation consulting, nurse education, patient safety and nursing administration. Specialty certification not only builds credibility in professional practice but also promotes quality care.  Please congratulate and thank your colleagues for obtaining a certification in their area of expertise. They are leaders in nursing practice.

As we move beyond the year of the pandemic, we recognize that each of you is raising the bar in new ways, creating strong teams, and working in the service of others. It is your passion and hard work that will help us shape the future of healthcare at HRMC. Celebrate your achievements as a nurse. Remember: your words can inspire, your touch can provide comfort, your knowledge can promote excellence in the care you provide.

- Suzanne DelBoccio, Chief Nursing Officer