Updated Phone Number for Visitor Information

Updated Phone Number for Visitor Information

April 27, 2020

Our first priority is to keep our patients and our staff members safe and to reduce the potential for exposure to COVID-19.  The CDC and our local health department recommends that we limit visitors in order to protect our patients, staff, and the community.  While we recognize that visitor restrictions have been very challenging for our patients and their loved ones, it is the right thing to do during this unprecedented time.  We hope we are able to loosen up those restrictions as we see a flattening of the curve of COVID-19 patients. 

In the mean-time, we want our patients and their family members to communicate as much as possible through technology.  Phone calls directly to patients, either through their personal cell phone or by calling the hospital and being transferred to their room, are always welcome.  We also recommend patients and their family utilize one of the many video conference apps that allow you to see each other as you talk.  We had a very generous donation of used I-Pads and Smartphones that patients have been able to use, if needed, to connect in this way with their families. 

There are also a few exceptions to the visitor restriction policy:

  • Patients who are end-of-life care may have family members visit
  • One visitor for each new mom is allowed in labor and deliver
  • One visitor is allowed if needed as part of a scheduled family training for patients with rehabilitation or for help with ADA or cognitive needs
  • Pediatric patients may have one parent stay with them for the duration of the hospitalization

If a family member does not have a way to get a hold of a patient in the hospital, they should call 928-302-5453 and they will be connected to the patient or the patients nurse.  Please keep in mind that we do have to confirm with the patient that it is OK to share information about their hospitalization before information can be released. 

We appreciate all of our patients and their family members.  We know this is a difficult time and we ask for your continued support as we work through this.