Visiting Hours & Policy

Visiting Hours & Policy

March 20, 2020

UPDATED: Friday March 20, 2020: To protect our patients during the high numbers of respiratory illness and influenza the following restriction will be applied until further notice:

Visitors will be limited to 1 designated visitor per patient for the extent of their stay. Any visitor that has symptoms of fever, cough or rash will not be allowed access.

Entrance to the facility will be allowed through the main lobby, and through the Emergency entrance after hours. Visitors will be required to answer a four-question Arizona Department of Health questionnaire and get their temperature taken. Visitors will have to re-screen daily.

Addition to this applied restriction, please keep in mind our general visiting policy when visiting patients:

  1. Visiting hours are not limited at this time, but will be restricted to one designated visitor per patient.

  2. No one under the age of 16 allowed, unless seeking medical treatment.

  3. Patients in Isolation will not be allowed visitors at this time.

  4. Visitors should not bring medication to or administer any medication, (prescription or over-the-counter) to patients. Any medications for patient use must be given to the professional staff.

  5. Visitors should not use bathrooms in patient rooms. Team members will advise guests and assist them with the location of guest/public restrooms.

For more information on our full Visitor Policy contact our Director of Public Relations Jeni Coke. Please call: 928.854.5189

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