Interventional Radiology | Havasu Regional Medical Center

Interventional Radiology in Lake Havasu City, AZ

Our Interventional Radiology team is able to offer you or your loved one the latest, first line care for diagnosis and treatment. Using the latest technology coupled with talented board certified radiologists, HRMC offers these minimally invasive and often life-saving procedures right here in Lake Havasu City. HRMC is leading the way in using interventional radiology for the earliest and most accurate diagnosis as well as for highly targeted treatments which dramatically reduce risk, pain and recovery times over traditional surgeries.

HRMC’s Interventional Radiology team adds to its expertise, bringing you multimodality state of the art imaging and diagnostic expertise, extraordinary clinical experience across specialties, and extensive knowledge of the least invasive treatments. We can provide you with clinical patient management as well as assistance with surgical referrals or other care if needed. Our mission is to assist referring physicians in providing their patients with accurate information and effective treatments in the most noninvasive way.

Services Our Interventional Radiologists Perform:

Using CT and Ultrasound, our team can offer less risky, less invasive options to conventional surgery- reducing pain and recovery times. The use of CT or Ultrasound greatly enhances accuracy, enabling HRMC to offer the following Interventional Radiology Services:

Angiography and Arterial Intervention

Peripheral – Renal, Extremities, Aorta

Cerebral • Visceral • Carotid

Embolization CT or US drainage of fluid collection


Arthrograms – Musculoskeletal




Biopsy – all modalities

Breast – Stereotactic

CT guided Biopsies and Intervention


Utrine artery • AVM

Arterial or Venous hemorrhage

Pelvic congestion syndrome or varicocele

Genito-Urinary and

Gastro-Intestinal Interventions


Intra-arterial Infusion

Kyphoplasty & Vertebroplasty


Nephrostomy and Ureteral

Stent Placement

Pain Management

Epidural steroid injections • Nerve blocks


Pleurex catheters

PICC and Central Lines

Stent Placement

Peripheral • Visceral • Venous • Carotid

Transjugular liver biopsy


Peripheral • Venous • Visceral • Cerebral

Ultrasound guided Biopsies and Intervention

Venous Access and Venous Intervention

Tunneled catheters- PICC lines-Subcutanous Ports-Central Lines